Confessions of Summer Camp Lovers

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Thins I Learned at Camp

  1. Have a copy of OH! The Places You’ll Go wherever you go
  2. If you have a voice after a game, your doing it wrong
  3. The people you meet at camp are the greatest in the world
  4. Be open to everything, don’t knock it till you try it
  5. Always have a water bottle with you
  6. Keep a small notebook with you at all times
  7. Duct tape and WD40 fix everything
  8. Dance like you’re at camp wherever you go. People will look at you funny, but you will be having more fun
  9. It’s ok to cry at what seems like even stupid things
  10. Everyone is different, and those differences should be celebrated
  11. Take 15 mins every day and sit somewhere beautiful and get lost in your thoughts
  12. Promises can be made and kept with a pinky
  13. Everyone deserves a chance
  14. Take camp with you wherever you go
  15. A guitar is like the holy grail of music
  16. Camp is the greatest place on earth. Anyone who says otherwise has never been to one.

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