Confessions of Summer Camp Lovers

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  1. Keep crayons and yarn on your person at all times.
  2. Kids love mud. Counselors love mud. Until it gets in the cabin. Then nobody loves mud.
  3. Riddles and mind games are the best secret weapon for time-wasting.
  4. Kids that really want to go home are NOT homesick.


Camp taught me if it makes the kids happy, keep playing that game even if you’re exhausted, let them put sticks in your hair and bury you in the sand, because those laughs and smiles are worth every bit of the sandy discomfort. Kids, they just want to be listened to,…

Anonymous said: How come you have an increasing countdown at the top?

That used to be a countdown to the first day of the 2012 summer. It just hasn’t been gotten rid of cause I can’t :P

adventure-awaits-forever said: You're a Canadian campie?

I am indeed. What about you?